Carmen’s Birthday

Over the weekend, Carmen had her birthday. She’s eight!

Birthday Girl

I split a can of tuna between her and Lemon as a treat. It is something that doesn’t aggravate Lemon’s condition.

Technically it wasn’t Carmen’s actual birthday. I consider the anniversary of my bringing her home from the pound to be her birthday. Seems as good a day as any to celebrate.

Now that I’ve had her for six years, I realize we have some traits in common. I’m allergic (okay fine, technically I’m “sensitive”) to so many things, mainly petroleum based products. Try finding a moisturizer, sunscreen or lotion that doesn’t have preserved dinosaurs as the base ingredient! When I’m exposed to something bad, I develop a rash a few days later that sticks around for about a week. I don’t recommend it.

When Carmen is exposed to something that she is sensitive/allergic to, she does this.


Carmen's Bare Belly
The shot didn’t show that she’s licked the fur off her lower abdomen very well, but I wasn’t going to do it again!

In vet circles, it is called barbering. Poor kitty!

Carmen is sensitive to fleas. The crazy thing is that I’ve never seen a flea or any flea “dirt” on her. Evidently adult cats can eat up to 90 fleas a day – our new vet is a wealth of knowledge (if you are in San Diego and need a FABULOUS vet, let me know). The way we are trying to combat this is the topical flea treatment twice a month, which is the most frequently it can be done and still be safe. At least now she is back to having a downy undercoat instead of bare skin.

With a lack of a real cool down this past winter to kill off all these pests, my angel has been suffering more than normal. Hopefully we will settle in to the new treatment and quit hating me when I “poison” her.

Am I the only one who celebrates pets’ birthdays? or Who else out there has allergies?

2 thoughts on “Carmen’s Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday to Carmen from the Three Rotten Cats!!! We celebrate their birthdays, too. We had to pick a date, though, because they were rescue kitties from a stray litter and all we knew was that they were born in early February.


    1. Thank you Lisa and Rotten Cats. Carmen seemed suitably unimpressed by the attention, but I warmly accept your wishes.

      At least with litter mates, your crew probably gets along better than Carmen and Lemon who were thrust together because their stupid caregivers had to fall in love.


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