Sibling Pride

This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching my little sister, Rebecca, graduate. It was a biggie, too. When she walked across the stage, she was hooded for her PhD!

Sibling Graduation Picture

That’s my girl! She still needs to defend her dissertation later this summer, but considering how well she has been doing academically (including getting a NASA grant!), I’m sure she’ll pass with flying colors.

Graduation day was so much fun. It also showed how different Rebecca and I are from each other.

A big group of us went out to lunch before the ceremony. About half way through the meal, she remembered that she had forgotten her cap and gown at her place. This wasn’t an issue since we had plenty of time. We ended up heading out to retrieve them about a half hour before she needed to check in for graduation. No problem, or so it seemed…

On the way back to her place, she remembered that her keys were with her boyfriend who was helping a friend pack for a flight – a friend that was supposed to have been at the lunch already packed. Personally, I would have been freaking out at this point. I wouldn’t have double and triple checked that everything was packed, and had I realized I’d forgotten my gown, I never would have been able to enjoy the meal. Rebecca, on the other hand, took it all in stride and appreciated the humor of the situation even in the moment. She is my hero!

Her boyfriend (and the keys) arrived at the apartment only a few minutes after we did. When we had gown in hand and everyone back in the vehicles, it was the check in deadline. So off we drove.

Once we arrived, there was the quick putting on of the gown, and in she went. Rebecca Cap and Gown During the ceremony, it was so cool to hear her name called and watch the faculty member place the hood over her. That was such a wonderful moment. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it.

When was the last time you got to be proud of a sibling? or Are you able to handle life’s unexpected twists and turns with a laugh?

2 thoughts on “Sibling Pride”

  1. Maybe this kind of thing happens to her a lot? I find the more fires I have to put out, the better I am at taking care of wrinkles in my plans. She handled it like a pro. Way to go little sis – a PhD is awesome!


    1. I hadn’t even thought of it as a skill that had been practiced! She made it look so effortless! Thanks for that perspective.

      She is a fabulous woman!


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