Last year this time I was writing about how writing out my holiday gift list kept me from impulse buying. Well, my holiday is over, and there are still tons of sales on at the stores. I ended up buying something that I’d been thinking of but never hard enough to make it on to the lists. Darned product marketers at Costco!

New Suitcase

I stood in the front entrance corridor at that club store thinking about this new suitcase for a while, with my cart pushed up against the display to let people pass. I didn’t want to be that customer again. The suitcase was on sale to a point where I had to buy it, right? Although financially it made sense, I still pondered it.

My old suitcase, while a carry on, does not fit into the overhead bin on some airlines, unless it goes sideways, and what airplane is empty enough to do that? The new one is much more compact and has the really cool wheels on castors, so it pivots and handles like a dream.

With all these positives for the new suitcase with an unbelievably low price, what was there to think about? The memories associated with my old suitcase.

When I bought the old suitcase, I felt like such a grown up because it was American Tourister.  It was a named brand piece of luggage! It mattered to me at the time.

Also, I brought that suitcase with me on my first trip to Europe.


Packed Bags
All I brought for 2 weeks in Europe … in Winter.

It also went on many of my short hops to the Continent. It was (and is) a reliable companion. Okay, my loyalty is being extended to inanimate objects!

I have a trip coming up in January. Which bag is coming with me? The new one. It is the only practical one for avoiding checked baggage fees.

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to fully retire my old bag and find it a new home. It’s still in excellent shape and have the space to keep it.  I might keep it as a back up, at least until I see how hardy this new edition will be.

Am I the only one that feels loyal to inanimate objects? or What gifts have you bought yourself this holiday season?

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