Halloween Costume

Several months ago I got an idea for a Halloween costume. I saw a picture of it somewhere (which of course I forgot to save), and decided what I wanted to be: A Christmas tree!

I spent several weeks trying to find a dark green top that would work. In my head it was going to be a sweater – like the green cable knit sweater I gave away a couple years ago – Darned me and my wardrobe pruning! After visiting several thrift stores with no luck, I realized I needed to open my horizons and any long green top would do.

The weekend before the Halloween party I was doing a final run of the thrift stores, and I stumbled upon a long, dark green, velour shirt. Perfect! It was all of $8, so I ran with it.

Thanks to the Dollar Store and Big Lots, I got my ornamentation, and I was good to go.

Costume pieces

The day off I was counting on to create the costume didn’t materialize, so it was a bit rushed. The night before the party I was attaching the garland, a tedious process since I didn’t want the velour puckered and I had two cats “helping” me, when I realized I hadn’t bought enough. I ran back up to the Dollar Store, only to find out that they’d sold out of that type o so I was going to have to start all over with the new kind, of which I bought an insane amount so I wouldn’t run out again!

The next day I got home from work a couple hours before the party, bound and determined to finish it up. I got the top done and went in to find my pants.

Costume Top Completed

I love the fact that when I was describing my costume to a friend beforehand and mentioned my brown pants, she said, “From your construction paper costume a couple years ago.” She remembered!!!!!

I knew I had seen my pants a month before when I did the whole wardrobe swap. I’d even tried them on to see if they still fit. I went through all my space bags and couldn’t find them. Twice. THREE TIMES! I went through the closet. Then I lost it. I’d worked so hard and I wasn’t going to be able to go because I didn’t have pants. Tears, sobs really. DH2U tried to reassure me and say I could just wear jeans, which made me cry harder because that wouldn’t be a Christmas tree.

I then had a fleeting idea to which I didn’t give much hope. I asked DH2U to go down to our storage locker and see if I’d put my pants in my costume bag.

“You have a costume bag?”

Why this surprised him, I do not know, but I wasn’t in the mood to joke about it. (I did later, though.)

I sat on the ground, feeling sorry for myself, when he came back up, brown pants in hand. My hero!!!! I could go to the party!

So I threw on the pants, had DH2U help me get in my top (because I kept getting stuck in the internal stitches holding the garland in place, and I was ready!

Tammy the Christmas Tree
DH2U figured out how to attach my star to a wreath holder to complete my look.

Although it didn’t look exactly like the picture I’d seen, I was still really proud of myself. Despite my melt down (and because of my fabulous man), I had a fun time at the party wearing a nice and warm and really unique costume. I loved it!

What have been some of your favorite costumes? or Am I the only one who over-reacts and has melt downs?

10 thoughts on “Halloween Costume”

  1. A Christmas tree is a fun idea. It kind of blends Halloween with Christmas a little, but that’s kind of cool since no one else is really doing it. This actually reminds me something I realized once: I’ve never seen anyone dress up as Santa Claus for Halloween. I kind of wonder why since he’s a recognizable character and you could easily find a costume for him.


    1. I think Santa Claus for Halloween is an awesome idea. You are right: why aren’t people doing it?!?!?

      Now I’m on the lookout for costume ideas for next year. Maybe more cross-holiday merging will be in future posts!


  2. You are absolutely a true visionary! An artist needs to stay true to her vision. Well done for insisting on a proper trunk, it just wouldn’t have worked any other way! Gorgeous costume!


  3. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween for so long! Boo! I wore candy corn earrings this year and that was the extent. I know – boring. Love the Christmas tree idea – you look adorable! Cutest, sexiest Christmas tree ever! Can Christmas trees be sexy????


    1. A sexy Christmas tree. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. That concept is hurting my brain a little.

      I loved that the costume was warm and comfortable – assuming I wasn’t trying to lean back while sitting down.


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