Snowy Adventures

Having grown up in Southern California, snow is something you drive to when desired, not a regular life occurrence. Well, this year for the holidays I voyaged to snow. I stayed in a house on a lake in a National Forest. It was beautiful, quiet … and cold.

I quickly learned the benefits of wearing a scarf over my nose and mouth, and the comfort it can bring. It was my desire to record for posterity how cold I was that led to a snowy adventure.

Cold Tammy

This picture was taken at the beginning of my walk that went along the shoreline of a frozen lake, zigging and zagging, and culminated in a snowball fight. Okay, the snowball fight wasn’t really effective because the snow was pure powder and didn’t clump, but it was so much fun and a great workout.

Hours later, when I decided to go on another walk, I realized my phone wasn’t in my pocket. I had no cell phone coverage, so my phone was basically just a camera throughout my trip. I didn’t remember taking it out of my pocket, but my mind is a sieve, so that really didn’t mean anything.

After a cursory search of the house, I had an eerie feeling that the phone might have fallen out of my pocket during the morning walk. I went down and did a cursory look around the last place I remembered seeing it, but no luck. Later in the afternoon I dragged another soul out to help me find it. Still no luck.

I tore the house apart (with help). That sinking feeling that my phone was somewhere out in the snow became very strong. I figured out how to have a new phone delivered to me the day I got back, but I didn’t pull the trigger. I also figured out how to contact my ride home from the airport (thanks, Kurt!). With all that in place, I had to wait until dawn.

At full light, it was a balmy 6 degrees outside (-14 C). This is the scene of all the snow to search – all the way up to the far tree line.

Frozen Lake Front

At least our footprints were visible and reduced the territory considerably.

I raked all the snow in the snow ball fight arena – figuring that was the most likely spot. No dice. I moved on, completely disheartened, raking here and there.

I’d gotten half way down the shoreline when I heard the most beautiful words ever: “I found it!” A wonderful woman showed me where she had spotted a small hole in the snow and dug down. There it was. I ran through calf high snow and hugged her!

Doing my victory dance, I discovered a hidden rock and ended up unceremoniously on my butt. So what did I do when I found myself sitting in a field of snow? I made a snow angel, of course!

Snow Angel

So many wonderful things happened this trip, but the joy of finding my missing phone is definitely up there. Has anyone had a misstep that lead to a cherished memory? or When was the last time you made a snow angel?

6 thoughts on “Snowy Adventures”

  1. Beautiful, quiet and cold – apt descriptors of a winter day in a snow filled landscape. So glad you found your phone and I had to laugh at your snow angel (not that it’s not beautiful) but because the rock that your butt landed on is in the skirt of said angel. Perfect!

    And another thing we have in common – the sieve for a mind sometimes. So many times I read what you’ve written and think, “you too?” Happy New Year my friend!


    1. The only way to save face when you fall in snow is to make an angel of it! I’m so glad people could see the rather sizable rock that brought me down.

      My mind sieve makes my friends (many of whom are older than I am) feel much better about themselves and their memories. So glad I can help with this public service. 🙂


  2. Snow is such a regular occurrence for me here in Minneapolis. We see it every year. In fact, I’m looking out the window right now seeing a huge pile of it outside. Ours isn’t good clumping snow either so I’ll have to wait to make snowballs.

    I know what it feels like to lose something in the snow. Last year, I lost my keys in the snow and had to search around in it. Luckily, I knew the general area it was in. It didn’t take long, but my gloves got cold from digging through all the snow. Nothing a good cup of hot chocolate couldn’t fix though.

    I’m glad you found your phone. that would be terrible to lose in the snow and have to replace.


    1. How lucky you were to find your keys! Since you live in a snowy climate, I’m sure you have all the right clothes to help keep you warm. I was shocked when I first arrived that it took 10 minutes to get ready to go outside!

      How did you know that I had hot chocolate to celebrate finding my phone?!?!? 🙂


  3. Such a cute story! And how lucky you were to find, said cell phone. I’ve done so many snow angels in my life, but I think the last one was the last time I was in Big Bear for the huge snowfall (2010, I think) that closed down Bear Mountain for a day b/c the generator couldn’t overcome it. That was definitely a memorable weekend considering none of us even thought we would make it to the mountain. One of the funniest parts of this trip was realizing we only had leftover pizza with snack chips as food and we were snowed in with about 10 people in a cabin. But that didn’t concern us near as much as being worried about running out of beer. Ahhh, those were the days!


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