Happy Birthday to Me

One of my favorite Bette Midler movie lines of all time has to be, “Enough about me. Let’s talk about you … What do you think of me?”

Well, today is my birthday. While I won’t tell you my age, you might be able to figure it out from last year’s post. In honor of my birthday, I decided to turn the reigns of my blog over to my friends and ask them to tell stories/share pictures about me.

Below are responses from two of my friends:

A Birthday Poem

T-42, T-42
What would I do without T-42?

Both silly and smart
(No, she ISN’T a “tart”!)

Whether tenting with bears
or gyrating with bangles
T-42 is my choice for all the fun angles!

May your b-day be gay
(But not in a “gay” way)

And whatever you do
Stay my T-42!!!

Love Ms. M-


Purim, everyone’s favorite religious drinking holiday!

At least that’s what Tammy says, and our experiences during that evening’s festivities makes it my favorite religious drinking holiday, too.  Tammy, her amazing boyfriend, my lovely hubby and I decided to celebrate this Jewish holiday with pizza. On our 15 minute religious celebration pizza walking journey(tm), we learned the extensive background on the holiday from Tammy – think royalty, drawing lots, war, the strength of one woman, ensuing victory and getting so drunk that everybody gets confused about who’s who, right?  Right!

I gathered that night that the general jest of celebrating Purim is that drinking and creativity can have good outcomes, and as you can clearly see by the photo, they were a good combination for us that evening!

Before this was taken, Tammy, who drinks super rarely, had had only a few swigs of nouveau traditional Purim drink, Peach Schnapps, our yummy pizza, and several delicious Jewish confections called Hamantaschen.   In this particular photo, we were doing a little experiment called “act surprised by swinging your head side to side quickly while someone takes the photo.”  I love Tammy’s look of surprise, big round beautiful eye balls and suspended hair.  She truly had the best photo of the evening, and it’s a classic worth sharing on her special day!

Happy Birthday, Tammy!  May your day and upcoming year bring you happiness beyond measure!

Your Purim Pal,


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