Sleep Baby Sleep

I remember being little and not wanting to take a nap. While I know I desperately did NOT want to lay down, the rationale behind it is lost. Not deterred by my protests, my mom would say that I didn’t have to sleep, but I did need to lay down. She would then put on an Oak Ridge Boys gospel album, and within a song or two, I was out.

Now I love not only the Oak Ridge Boys (how can anyone beat “Nobody Wants to Play Rhythm Guitar Behind Jesus”?), but I also am a huge napping fan.

I am not a power napper. If I don’t have at least an hour, it’s not worth it to me to lay down. My internal body clock simply won’t let me do it. Given enough time, I’ll open up the curtains, let the sunshine in and spend some quality time in bliss.

Teddy Bear in Bed

While I called diet soda my elixir of choice, in rethinking it, the true guilty pleasure is dozing in the daytime. There is something decadent about sleeping when I “should” or at least “could” be doing something productive.

How do little kids not appreciate the good thing that they have: napping is expected of them? Maybe because it isn’t voluntary. Heaven knows I prefer doing the same activity so much more when its for fun rather than a “have to”.

Perhaps, even more importantly, it is a matter of control. When you are young, so little is under your control: your food, your clothes, your transportation, everything is dictated to you. Even your body doesn’t always listen to you … not that mine seems to be paying much attention to me lately either!

So I will be spending part of this lovely day off participating in my favorite leisure activity of napping, with Carmen right along side me.

Are you a napper? Power or leisurely? What is your guilty pleasure?

2 thoughts on “Sleep Baby Sleep”

  1. I love a nap when I can take one. Sometimes, I swear I’d fall asleep standing up so I have no choice but to lay down…well, I DO have a choice, I could fall on my face. And I am a power napper – I can be out for 5 or 10 minutes, drooling, then wake up and be completely refreshed. Why is that? I feel like a balloon whose air has been let out.

    I agree with you Tammy – a nap is one of life’s sweet luxuries. And good for us too. I think corporations should have napping rooms – employees would be more efficient in those late afternoon hours – and it’s so much better than popping a candy bar or cup of coffee to stay awake.

    It’s tomorrow, I know, but I hope you got to enjoy that nap yesterday with Carmen.


    1. I have spent many a lunch break taking a nap. It does make me feel better than the candy or soda, although not as tasty.

      Carmen loves her nap time and came out to remind me that it was time on a couple different occasions yesterday … whenever she was awake long enough to remember. Oh, to be a cat!


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