Total Eclipse

Yesterday those of us in the Western United States were treated to a blindingly fantastic sky show: A total eclipse. (Am I the only one that has Bonnie Tyler’s song stuck in her head?)

It was around four yesterday afternoon when I mentioned the pending eclipse to DH2U, thinking it was too late for us to do anything about it (it was to start around 5:30). Somehow my totally geeky man had missed all the talk about it. He asked me a question about it that sounded something like, “Blah blah blah blah eclipse?” I should have known better, but rather than admit my ignorance, I showed it: I tried blah blahing back. While I actually did have the right answer, I did not impress my man of science.

After consulting the internet to clarify the blahs, he went to work. He pulled out power tools and made a device for us to safely watch the show.

Eclipe watching tool in our nominally black out curtains


I don’t know how I managed to make it to 40 (OMG – only a few more months before that isn’t true any more!!!!) without ever having seen an eclipse, but this was so cool! DH2U’s camera was much better at being able to capture the display than mine.

Eclipse Starting
When I first started believing it was really happening.
Eclipse at Peak
I kept calling DH2U into the room to see it progress. This is as close to total as we could see this far South.

As I watched the moon’s shadow work its way across the sun, the image reminded me so much of what Saturn looked like when a group of friends went camping, and a local astronomy group brought their telescopes up to the camp ground to show all of us what was out there. That image of Saturn could have been directly out of a Space Invaders game!

I never would have witnessed the eclipse if it weren’t for my wonderful man. I probably would have simply gone online for an actual photo of it. While I had always thought of them as interesting from seeing the pictures in the newspaper, I hadn’t realized how excited I would be “seeing” it myself. It was the joy of experiencing something new that reminded me of being a little kid and having a mystery of the universe explained.

Has your inner child been revealed lately?

2 thoughts on “Total Eclipse”

  1. Now I’m thinking of a song, “Ain’t nothin like the real thing baby, nothing like the real thing.”

    So cool. There is nothing so amazing and beautiful and awesome (literally awesome) as the universe and planets and stars and moons. I never stop feeling like a child full of wonder when I stare into the skies.

    Love this post. And yes, what a sweet man to help you out and get past the blah, blah, blahs….


    1. Sorry about the brain worm. If it makes you feel any better, your song is stuck in my head now.

      The universe is so full of wonder. I prefer it in a child-like, magical way. I will leave the science to the scientists. (I’m really glad I’m in love with one that can make these things possible.)


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