Purposeful Living

I am doing something unusual this year in terms of resolutions: I’m having a different one each month. Each helps me work towards a personal goal, and knowing that I only have to do it for a month makes it feel like a fun challenge and not a chore.

2012 calendar

I haven’t quite worked out all the months yet, but I have my first five, some are based on previous blog posts:

January: Vegetarian
February: Track all Expenses
March: Blog Post a Day
April: 30 Day Shred
May: House Project (or an hour) a Day

I chose January to go veggie as a way to counteract the over-eating from the holiday period. I gained 3 ½ pounds in my feasting, and I’ve already lost two of that. I’d pat myself on the back if it weren’t for a sneaking suspicion that my needing a root canal might have played a larger role than the vegetarianism.

DH2U and I had been having veggie meals two to three times a week in the past, so I knew I had lots of yummy choices (and an excuse to try some new recipes!). I have not missed meat at all. I’ve promised many a meat dish next month to make up for it, and I’ve had no problem with a very understanding DH2U bringing meat to the table, but he hasn’t taken me up on my very serious offer.

(We won’t mention that the night that I went out to dinner with a friend I came home to a very fragrant home. DH2U rather proudly announced that he made the most unhealthful, meaty dish that he could create … but then added peas, broccoli and eggplant!)

I am loving these mini-resolutions so far! I have a goal (a purpose! Sorry, had to giggle as I thought of The Jerk), it’s obtainable, and it is helping me get where I want to be. It will be interesting to see how many of these habits stick with me after the month is over.

What are you challenging yourself to do now?

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