Let it Snow

This week snow seems to be a common topic. The Timmycam(tm) at ThinkGeek was moved to show their beautiful white view. Empty Nest Mom talked about ways to inspire yourself to get outside in the cold. I was feeling left out.

I figured I would give you a Southern Californian’s experience with the white fluffy stuff. Being a San Diego native, I was brought up with the mentality that snow is something you drive to go see. (For us, the local mountains are about an hour away.)

As a young girl I came up with the idea that snow didn’t really fall from the sky. Instead snow seeds fell with rain, and when it got cold enough, they hatched. When you saw footage of it “snowing”, that was actually the wind kicking up the hatchlings.

When I was in high school my mom began working for our local gas and electric company. I was mortified (as only a teenager truly can be) when I found out she was sharing my snow seed theory with customers moving to our fair city from colder climates!

I was 22 when I first saw snow fall from the sky. It was beautiful … and cold … and wet!

Hand covered in snow

While I was living in England, it snowed for the first time in a decade. My wonderful grandparents sent me a hot pink and very fluffy hat, scarf and glove set., which was a life saver. It also turned out that the colors were not color fast, so all my snow balls were hot pink. It was awesome! It also meant my fellow classmates knew who had hit them .. or more likely missed!

There was a little park next to my flat. After it had snowed all night, the park was a beautifully undisturbed sea of white. There were several moms and children there, just wandering around. I found a good spot, took a deep breath, then fell back into the snow. As I brought my arms and legs up and down, the children surrounded me. “What are you doing?!?!?!?” Carefully I stood up and showed off my angel. They were amazed. They had never seen one before. When I got home from school that afternoon, the whole park was covered in angels. I should have taken a picture!

What are your favorite snow stories?

4 thoughts on “Let it Snow”

  1. Well I think your hot pink snowballs just topped any story I might have had in mind! That and a field full of snow angels. How perfect would that have been to see! I grew up here in Colorado, spent some years in Utah, and a few in Alaska as well – so snow is about all I’ve ever known in the winter. Fun to see the white stuff through the eyes of someone unaccustomed to it. I was in Los Angeles (West Hollywood area) and San Diego (Carlsbad) for most of December and into January and I tell you – it took all the self-discipline I could muster to turn the car north and head home……it’s so absolutely beautiful where you are!


    1. Thank you, Barbara. How sweet of you!

      Please keep in mind that this year’s weather while you were here was unseasonably warm. One normally can’t comfortably wear shorts on Christmas and New Year’s Day! (But you can tell from my post where I am in my sundress with Santa that it does happen periodically).

      What we don’t have, in addition to snow, are the traditional seasons. We have wet-ish (winter) and dry (summer).

      I hope you enjoyed your trip … and all those cute “keep warm” items you showed in your blog.


  2. I’ve lived in Michigan all my life and have missed the snow so far this winter. I love the peace of an early morning when it has snowed that wet, heavy snow all night and everything is covered in the white stuff. Every time I see that I want to take a picture. It’s so fleeting almost like a cut flower.

    Best memory of snow in my childhood: Going with my father and sister to a local hill and sledding all day. Having so much fun we forget to eat. I loved it.


    1. I am so snow ignorant! I would have thought that Winter was full of mornings like you described. I loved the analogy of a cut flower. How wonderful that after a lifetime in the land of the fluffy stuff, you still appreciate it and miss its absence!

      I only went sledding once, and it was on more ice than snow. I can only imagine how much fun it must have been to go all day. Forgetting to eat?!?!? What a wonderful memory!


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