New Year of Happy

On the eve of a new year, I am filled with hope and excited about all that is possible in 2012. Funny that that is how I used to feel going into first dates (no one had done anything yet to mess up the potential), but now I am so grateful to be off the dating roller coaster. May I never hope to get off the living roller coaster!!!!!  But I digress!

Years ago I gave up the idea of 5- and 10-year plans, and I have been so much happier as a result. It was the emotional equivalent of taking off blinders. I started seeing opportunities everywhere. Initially I would get distracted with so many choices (or just sit on my couch doing nothing because I was overwhelmed by options), but then I came up with a strategy that has worked for me ever since: Rather than having a plan laid out step by step to get me where I want to be, I have more of a directional compass.

Compass Sitting on Map

There can be many paths to the summit.

Since we don’t live in a vacuum, external forces play a huge role in the shape our paths take. Right now the universe is pushing me in a direction that I fully intended to go into on my own. When a client shows up on your doorstep and tries to give you money, if it’s something you love doing anyway, you take it! I am staying true to me, gaining valuable experience and more than a little spending money!

Last week Mark Schaefer published a post called “Sometimes not having a strategy is the best strategy”.  It tells the story of his 2011 and how he and his business were able to adapt to the very fluid dynamics of his industry by not sticking rigorously to a plan. He stayed true to core competencies and what differentiated him from his competition. It is always reassuring to me when highly successful people get that way using a strategy that works so well for me!

I hope I will have the courage in the new year to continue working toward my goals, while keeping an ear out for even-more-suited-for-me opportunities. Not knowing what is coming to me is the joy of life. It makes it fun and scary at the same time … that is my type of a happy new year!

What do you want 2012 to hold? If you had a crystal ball, would you want to know your future?

8 thoughts on “New Year of Happy”

  1. Tammy:
    One of the greatest surprises of my business career has been putting myself out there, and then waiting to see what the customers really want from me. I thought my coaching would be my best product, but my audience seems to love my writing. Who knew!

    For the new year I plan to keep on keeping on, because it seems to be working in a crazy, mixed up kind of way. Happy New Year to you too! – Laura aka the Midlife Crisis Queen!


    1. Laura, How wonderful that you are open to listening to what your audience wants. People surprise me all the time! Aren’t you glad everyone isn’t exactly like you? I know I’m glad the world isn’t full of Tammy clones. How boring would that be?

      Have a fabulous New Year filled with unknown adventures.


  2. I love the Plan B’s and Plan C’s and detours along the way. Detours have proven to be the richest and most rewarding parts of life. Who knew? I’m with you on having a core plan but going with the moments that present themselves along the way. Serendipity in life opens us up to ourselves – if I’ve learned anything about having a road map – it’s that. Happy New Year Tammy.


    1. “Serendipity in life opens us up to ourselves” – Wow! You very well might be seeing that in a future web posting! Thank you for that insight and excellent turn of phrase.

      Happy New Year, Barbara!


    1. It can be scary having to make those decisions when the good voice in your head (the quiet one you really have to listen for) stays silent! In those cases, a tiny peak is tempting!


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