Turning 40

When my mom called me on my birthday last year, she started the call with “Next year you turn 40!” My immediate response was, “I know! And I’m going to throw a big party!”

I was very proud of my reaction … and that it has held throughout the year! I looked forward to beginning a new decade, and I did just that over the weekend.

I credit my mom with giving me such a positive outlook on age. While I was growing up, she added years to her age with the logic that if she subtracted years, she would look like hell for that age, but she looked FABULOUS for being five years older than her chronological age.  While I have never added years to my age, as an adult I’ve always openly embraced it. Twenty-five was rough, a quarter of century and all, but that was the only one that hit me hard. Thirty was wonderful, and Forty is fantastic so far!!!

Having a year to think about it, I ultimately decided that I wanted the day not to be about me. I started the morning attending a Red Cross volunteer orientation (more on this in a future blog!), and that night, I thanked some of my friends for being an important part of my life by taking them out to dinner.

[Author’s note: What a crock of poo!!!! Ever since I was a shy little kid who never wanted to be the center of attention, birthday’s were my chance to enjoy basking in the spotlight without feeling guilty or self-conscious!  That is still very much the case. Yes, over time I have learned that it doesn’t diminish my glow to share it with others, but the inner child in me definitely comes out in force this day every year! Now that I’ve corrected the HUGE wrong of having the narrator bold-face lie to you, we will return to the regularly scheduled blog post!]

What is a birthday without the cake … and candles! On regular birthdays (i.e. ones that don’t end in a 5 or 0), I will accept a token candle. So not the case at my party this year:

Tammy basking in the light of her 40 candles!

I earned the admiration of the group by being able to blow out all the candles in a single breath, and for wearing my inner child on the outside:

Tammy showing her birthday joy during "Happy Birthday to you"

In looking around at the group, I was impressed by the span of my life that was covered. Several were close friends who I met in high school, others through my faith, still others from dance, and some that blurred categories. They ranged in age from their 30s to 80s. This is the family that I have created for myself (that were local(ish) and could make it!) – and not that there is anything wrong with the family I was born into!!!!! All of these people make my life better by being a part of it and simply for being who they are. They were even willing to humor me when I wanted a picture taken in homage of the one I had introducing DH2U:

A picture of Tammy and all her birthday guests - with their backs to the camera!

I am so honored that I was able to start the latest phase in my life with these people. They were an important part of my past … and hopefully my future.

PS Did I mention I ❤ birthdays?!?!?!?!?

8 thoughts on “Turning 40”

  1. Had a good time chatting with your friends and especially enjoyed when you circulated through and I eavesdropped to get it on the other chats too! I still think DH2U looks a little like a yet unidentified super hero alter ego! 😉 Hope you like the hot sauce. Might seem like a weird choice for a gift but I soooooo love that stuff that I MUST share! We discovered it at a little local cafe in Gilroy. I told the waitress to sell it to us or I would have to steal it! She says, “Oh yeah, we get that a lot, I’ll bring you a new one.” I then discovered it at the Hot Licks hot sauce shop in Old Town State Park. If you do get hooked on it like us, that’s the only local spot I’ve found to get your next fix! The key feature for us is the lack of vinegar as an ingredient.


    1. Steve, I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself! I certainly did!!!! I think there is enough photographic evidence of that that I couldn’t deny it if I wanted to! I didn’t know I had included a spy in the mix! If I were a novelist you would be transformed into the Soviet agent, and DH2U could be the super hero that fights for truth, justice and the American way! Wait, you were spying for good. Hmmmmmm….. you were trying to link up with the alter ego without being detected! Much better!

      If only we could choose our DL pictures! The joy one would be great, I agree!!!

      Thanks for your presence and the present. Good to know I have a local outlet if I need a hot sauce fix!


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