Friday, on my drive home from work, I looked down and saw something unusual.


Yup, that is a grey hair, or as I have been calling them since they first appeared, “tinsel.” (And don’t worry, I was stopped at a light when I took this picture. I don’t do anything with my phone when I am driving.)

I must have great genes since tinsel is still very few and far between (thanks Ma and Dad). I’m not opposed to dying my hair. I did all the time when I was dancing to make me stand out in competitions. Even before that I was a red head (auburn, actually) for years. These days I am content with my natural color. That strand on my arm happened to be the only piece of tinsel that appeared along my part line. It was a “character” line in my hair. Once I get a bit more character, I’ll go back to Miss Clairol.

When I was younger, I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup and hair done, even though it didn’t always look that way! Ironically, as I got better at make up, I started to care less about wearing it. I do always wear it to work, although it is quite muted. Weekends, however, if I’m not going to Torah study or out to a get together, I’m not likely not to have any make up on and my hair will only be brushed, not styled.

Yesterday, I met Hillary for breakfast to celebrate her birthday. Hillary has never been into makeup. She wears it for dance performances and the occasional other event, but normally she takes full advantage of her natural beauty. Before I met up with her yesterday, I had walked six miles around a nearby lake.

Lake Murray

It was great to know that I could go straight there and not raise an eyebrow.  It’s fun having friends that really mean it when they say come as you are.

Ladies, how are you handling getting older: Embracing tinsel or developing a relationship with Miss Clairol? or How many of you have friends where you have a come as you are relationship?


4 thoughts on “Tinsel”

  1. When I was in my 20s and perhaps my early 30s I worried about hair and makeup. I think my husband may have been the one to make me wonder why when he pointed out that he loved me in my natural state much more. I wear very little on my face – some neutral lipstick and some loose powder, just to even out the mid-40s a bit. But I also find that if I eat right and sleep enough, I often don’t even bother with that. Is it good or bad? I don’t know. But it’s me and I’m comfortable that way. I have very little gray but I love what I have. It’s like a life-badge, I think. Although I have an aunt who went gray in her 20s. Not sure what’s up with that. 😀 Mine are pretty centrally located – I have a small stripe of very silvery gray in the front of my head above my left eye (kind of like that Stacy London on What Not to Wear) and I love it. Aging doesn’t bother me. My Grandfather used to say age is a number, period. I feel great and many people don’t believe I am fourteen years older than my youngest sister, so I’ll take that! 😀
    I definitely have come as you absolutely are friends. It’s terrific.


    1. I like the idea that grey hair is a life badge. I am going to steal that! I want a stripe of silver! How do I sign up to get that naturally?!?!?

      I normally put on nude shades of eye shadow to make me look less tired – for some reason even a marathon sleep won’t make some of the pinkness go away. I may or may not paint in cheek bones, but that’s it. Moisturizing, teeth brushing, make up and hair take me a combined total of 8 minutes each morning. I figure it’s worth it.


    1. Men have a time advantage in not having to put on make up. While it can be a pain at times, I do think women have an advantage in that for someone who knows what she’s doing, years can fall away. It’s harder for men to do that with a brush and some pigments.


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