Food Truck

For years and years – nearly a decade  – I brought my lunch to work every day. It was a frugal decision, in part. Also for the majority of that time I was following most of the Kosher dietary laws, which make eating out of the home a challenge.

I have recently started giving myself a once a week treat: I am buying my lunch. It turns out that our property management company coordinates to have a different gourmet food truck to come in once a week. After my spinach and artichoke grilled cheese sandwich, I was hooked.

Artichoke Spinach Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I love the fact that my younger coworkers had never heard of food trucks being referred to as “roach coaches”! I definitely remember those days. My first introduction to roach coaches was thanks to Tom. The one that stopped by his office made incredible breakfast burritos.

Tom did warn me that all roach coaches were not the same, and for the longest time I refused to eat from them. It wasn’t until I worked at SANYO that I ventured out again. That one was wonderful. Periodically a call went out to the office letting everyone know the truck had arrived. In a sudden flurry, there was a mass exodus from our cube farm. That truck, as was the case historically for most of them in our area, specialized in Mexican food.

I had a spectacular experience with a food truck in England. It was late one night when I waited in a long line to get some food. I figured any truck that popular had to be good. That truck was my introduction to falafels. It took some convincing for me to believe it was really a vegetarian food product. I’m so glad I believed the guy. It was delicious!

My branching out occasionally into bought lunches is an enjoyable straying from my rut.

Do you remember when food trucks were called roach coaches? or What is the best food you ever had from one?

4 thoughts on “Food Truck”

  1. Recently we attended a Food Truck Festival at Del Mar Race Track in San Diego. I had a lobster roll from the Cousins Maine Lobster truck that was the most delicious lobster-anything that I have ever had. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it!!


    1. That food truck festival sounds delicious! I really enjoyed reading your post on that. I remember seeing the lobster truck on Shark Tank. I’m glad it was a good as you had hoped it would be.


  2. Ah, roach coaches – what a great thing. Unless, of course, you get a bad roach coach, then not so much.
    I wish I could remember where I worked…I’m digging in my brain but can’t figure it out…but somewhere in my past I worked somewhere that had a great truck. People dropped everything when they heard the words “truck’s here!” It was a great one.
    I’ll probably think of the company in the middle of the night…


    1. I’m glad it was not just our office that went strangely empty once the food truck’s arrival was announced. It was a bit of a ghost town if I got left behind.

      Hopefully you weren’t awoken at 3 am with the name of your former employer!


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