I May

Yesterday was May Day, which is one of Ms. M‘s favorite holidays, thanks to its cheerful nature. While I have seen pictures of the May Pole Dance (and seen it performed on the television shows Mad Men and Midsomer Murders), I’ve never done it.

May Pole Dancers

(Isn’t ElmFlake’s photo awesome?!?!?)

Dancing around the May Pole looks like a lot of fun, and it is a dance I can do: No steps to the right!

But since I couldn’t base a whole post on something I haven’t done yet, I decided to spin the whole concept of May Day into “I May Day.” I hereby am giving myself permission to be me – all aspects of me, not just the reliable, productive public persona, which is how I want people to see me. By letting go of those expectations, I can feel more comfortable in my own skin. What a liberating way to celebrate this spring holiday!

My I May Day gift to myself is to

  • not care what strangers think when I do weird things in public
  • cherish the stolen moments alone in the house and just be – without feeling guilty about not cleaning or catching up on email or phone calls
  • sing along to songs (loudly) even when I don’t know all the words
  • embrace the fact that many of my sensibilities and preferences are from an era long passed
  • accept that I might be this size for a while and go out and buy flattering clothes that fit me now

I didn’t know where this process would take me. I’m so glad to see that my personal permission slip was filled with self acceptance. Next up … following through.

What would you give yourself permission to do? or Have you ever danced around the May Pole?

4 thoughts on “I May”

  1. Nope – I’ve never done pole dancing of any kind – although they both may be interesting to try.

    I have been giving myself permission to do more and more lately – perhaps it’s my age. I love your permission slip list – I’m right there with you on those. I used to be part of Socrates Cafe at our local library where we met once a month and discussed a different topic. We’d rotate who the discussion leader was and just pitch in when we had something to add. One month the topic was Power – and the elder members of the group said they had gained so much power when they reached an age where they didn’t care what people thought of them anymore. I couldn’t agree more. Like Dr. Seuss was known to write, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.” Hurray for that adage, don’t you think?

    Happy Month of May to you, Tammy!


    1. I hadn’t even thought about the other type of pole dancing, which is a shame. The good pole dancers can be incredible athletes. The control they have and the upper body strength is enviable … okay, well, if I worked out as much they did, maybe I could do that as well!

      Good for you for giving yourself permission. Why is it that when we no longer care what people think of us, we realize “they” were never thinking of us anyway?

      The Socrates Cafe sounds wonderful. When my life settles down again (it will, right?), I will definitely look for something like that.

      Happy month full of May to you, too.


  2. It must be “I may day” for me all year round because I always sing to songs I don’t know the lyrics too. It annoys my wife to no end, but I just can’t help myself.

    I’ve never done the may day pole dance before. I’ve seen it on TV and movies before, but never in real life. I don’t know where you’d go to actually see one. You think it wouldn’t be that hard to find one…


    1. I might have to go looking for a May Pole next year. I think it would be so much fun.

      Glad to know I’m not the only one that loudly sings songs that he/she doesn’t know!


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