Living Past

Thanks to Bethel, a fabulous woman (and an incredible entrepreneur), and her sharing her discovery of podcasts on social media, I have a new source of entertainment. When I first saw her post, I patted myself on the back that I wasn’t the last adopter of the technology. I normally am. Then, however, I read her follow up responses that enlightened me about a whole new type of podcasts that I never dreamed were available: rebroadcasts of 1940’s and 1950’s radio shows. Relic Radio is AWESOME!


Relic Radio


I love that modern technology is enabling me to enjoy programs from a pre-tv era. It’s so me!

The first channel I subscribed to was sci fi. I wasn’t sure how dated it would be, but the stories hold up remarkably well. I went a little nuts and had a sci fi marathon.

Growing up, in our living room was a painting of Tom listening to a radio show.

Tom and the Radio

Being a tv addict as a child, I couldn’t understand how someone could get drawn into a show that was only sound. Now I get it and feel much closer to the boy in the picture (who has a birthday today!).

In a conversation with Ms. M on Academy Awards night, we both agreed that so many of the films today that are aimed at younger audiences have a gagillion cuts. There are no scenes that run straight through. Okay, maybe I’m very “Get off my lawn!”, but I am still a huge fan of long scenes with few if any cuts. I think that is what drew me in to the movie Lincoln. Steven Spielberg allowed the scenes to develop organically. It was an old-school decision, which I felt worked well with the subject matter (and of course my sensibilities – a prime concern of Mr. Spielberg, I’m sure).

With the Relic Radio podcast subscriptions, I now have a seemingly unending supply of imagination-inducing programs awaiting me. It is a connection to the past, which as anyone who has read this blog more than once knows is very important to me.

Have you ever listened to a radio show? or What triggers your “Get off my lawn”/”kids these days” sensibilities?

4 thoughts on “Living Past”

  1. Oh this is SO you, Tammy – my friend who has such a penchant and appreciation for vintage. Part of your soul belongs in that time long ago – I feel it and I’m sure you do. And happy birthday to “Tom,” he’s a testament to how wonderful step-fathers can be and how honorable men can bless.


    1. My mother has always said that I have an old soul. I must agree. When it came to competitive dance, my aesthetics were solidly with the style that was popular in the 1970s. I’ve been left behind!


  2. Oh yeah, I’ve listened to some old radio shows before and loved them. In fact, one of my fondest memories growing up was when my family and I would take a road trip somewhere because once in a while that meant we would bring along a series of tapes of old radio shows. We mostly listened to Abbott and Costello. I think I heard their “Who’s on first?” skit as it was originally broadcast a dozen times. Good times. This brings back memories.


    1. Relic has a comedy channel that I haven’t explored yet. The Abbott and Costello reference was enough to get me to go check it out. Even more entertainment! Thanks, Steve!


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