Did You Celebrate?

Last year, DH2U’s mom sent us a card that pictured a cat wearing a hat.

Unfortunately for Carmen, this reminded me of a gift my mom had given her several years ago. Well, “gift” isn’t really the right word. If you ask Carmen, I’m sure something along the lines of “torture device” is more accurate.

Well, since it was brought to my mind, I had to pull it out, stick it on her, and have a picture taken.

Doesn’t she look like she’s enjoying the whole process? I’m glad she isn’t vengeful because she knows where I sleep!

Cat in Hat

Why, you might be wondering, am I sharing this story with you? No, the primary reason is not because I wanted to share a story about my cat (that was just an added benefit!). Yesterday was “National Dress Up Your Pet Day”. The official day maker-uppers really have gotten out of control. DH2U and I did enjoy National Waffle Day; however, his first question when I handed him his freshly made waffles and told him of the significance of them was to wonder, “Their lobby is that strong?”.

So all of this got me thinking, “What is involved in establishing a National Day?”  It turns out, it takes an act of Congress to get an official “National Day”. In my searching, I found a list of all the “national” days compiled by Rocketman Creative. I put that one in quotes because I’m sure that bad poetry, waffles, and pet costumers do not have enough money to have it be official.

Calendars like this help me so much with coming up with blog ideas (some of these days are priceless!). The Adventure Girl in me loves that options to try new things that they provide. I will challenge myself to take advantage of one of these days every month this year.

If you were to create a “national” day, what would it be? Or, Pets in clothes: funny or just plain wrong?

7 thoughts on “Did You Celebrate?”

  1. Wow, there’s a national waffle day? I didn’t know that was out there. National waffle day would be Sunday in my house. My wife and I make waffles just about every Sunday together.

    I’m also not familiar with dress up your pet day. I think that if I were to dress up my cat, she would kill me. I put her in a little sombrero once and she looked up at me like she wanted to destroy me. It was funny for me, but not so much for her.


    1. I can’t believe Carmen let me put the hat on her. And now that it is on the internet, I doubt she’ll let me do it again.

      It seems like there is a day for just about everything. I love it!


  2. Pets in clothes? Funny. Sisters dressing their little brothers in costumes and making them sit for pictures? Funny. A National Day? Chocolate. Is there already one?


  3. I like pets with clothes on occasionally. Domingo seems to need a coat the entire winter and I think it’s SO cute. The hubs, tho, he’s not so open minded. He can’t stand dressing up pets. I say, to each their own. 😉


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